23-30 June 2008


  1. Make sure invitations are sent well in advance – 4 weeks minimum and then a reminder by email a week to 10 days before the event if possible.
  2. Ensure that the invitations have all the relevant information on regarding the event.  A check list would be: name of event, date of event, name and address of venue, timings, directions and any other specific info that you would like the delegates to know in advance.
  3. For a community event, a venue near local transport links would be recommended.
  4. Does the venue have parking?  If not, ask where the nearest car park is.
  5. Check that the venue has disabled access.
  6. Make sure the venue has catering requests and numbers well in advance. If providing refreshments, agree with the venue when they should be served and when they should stop serving.  Maybe tea, coffee & water could be available throughout?
  7. Make sure that all the agencies manning stalls have all the information regarding the event and that they arrive well in advance in order to set up in plenty of time before the event starts.
  8. Check what you will need for your exhibition stand or stall e.g panels on which to put your posters, tables to lay leaflets and other literature etc.  The venue maybe able to provide you with these things.
  9. Make sure you have enough literature on your stand to give out.  Take more than you think is necessary as it is best to leave with surplus literature rather than run out at the actual event.
  10. Your stand/stall should be manned with workers from your agency who have enough experience to answer questions specific to your agency.
  11. Decide what format you want your event to take i.e. will it only consist of stalls where people are free to wander around and arrive when they like within a certain time frame; Or would you like your event to be more structured and have a welcome speech at the beginning with a brief overview of what the event is about?
  12. It is a good idea to have a welcome sign with the name of the event at the entrance of the venue.
  13. It is also a good idea to check if the venue has sufficient signage i.e. for toilets, cloakroom, way in, way out , car park etc.  If not, print some before hand with some directional arrows and take some blu tac to the venue for when you set up.

30th April 2008

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