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October 23, 2013

Parliamentary question: benzos

... and response from prime minister

Q4.[Hansard, 900621] Jim Dobbin (Heywood and Middleton) (Lab/Co-op):

A total of 1.5million people in the UK are addicted to the benzoates diazepam and “Z drugs”. I know of one individual who has been on those products for more than 45 years—a total life ruined. They are not drug misusers; they are victims of the system of repeat prescriptions. Will the Prime Minister advise the Department of Health to give some guidance to the clinical commissioning groups to introduce withdrawal programmes in line with the advice from Professor Heather Ashton of Newcastle university, who is the expert in this field, to give these people back their lives?

The Prime Minister:

First, I pay tribute to the hon. Gentleman, who has campaigned strongly on this issue over many years. I join him in paying tribute to Professor Ashton, whom I know has considerable expertise in this area. He is right to say that this is a terrible affliction; these people are not drug addicts but they have become hooked on repeat prescriptions of tranquillisers. The Minister for public health is very happy to discuss this issue with him and, as he says, make sure that the relevant guidance can be issued.


anne whiting

Surely if you are addicted to a drug whether prescription or not .You are a drug addict? Or is this something to do with the PMs perception of addiction If you are middle class and clean you are deserving If you are homeless and friendless you are not! No one becomes an addict willingly and all addicts deserve equal care and concern

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