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October 2013

October 31, 2013: THE STREET TO RECOVERY
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Kevin Kennedy – Curly Watts from TV’s long-running Coronation Street, and so popular he drew in 22million viewers for his TV wedding – has now been sober for 15 years. He shares his experience of alcoholism and rehab, strength of...

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The empathy trap: therapists and counsellors almost by definition are empathic, to facilitate clients’ recovery – but this quality can mean those carers are targets for sociopaths, aided by what Dr Jane & Tim McGregor call “apaths”. The first UK...

October 30, 2013: The empathy trap: discount
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Addiction Today readers can buy The Empathy Trap by Dr Jane and Tim McGregor for only £7.99 including postage & packing. Simply call 01256-329242, and use the code “empathy”. Offer expires 31 December 2013.

October 30, 2013: MAKE TIME FOR CHANGE
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Last June, magistrate Yvonne Davies was forced from her job because she pleaded with a cannabis grower to mend his illegal ways. In October, she had an opportunity to update concerned parents at the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Cannabis and...

October 23, 2013: Parliamentary question: benzos
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... and response from prime minister Q4.[Hansard, 900621] Jim Dobbin (Heywood and Middleton) (Lab/Co-op): A total of 1.5million people in the UK are addicted to the benzoates diazepam and “Z drugs”. I know of one individual who has been on...

October 17, 2013: Ripper victim will show how "you can"
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Inspirational writer and speaker Richard McCann is lending his support to a Yalding charity as they launch a new campaign on 19 November titled You can with Kenward. In 1975, one week before his sixth birthday, Richard’s mother became the...