September 02, 2013



As the Addiction Recovery Foundation prepares to celebrate 25 years of charitable work early next year, it has not rested on its laurels: instead, it called on the services of a nationally-renowned management consultant to rigorously review its organisational effectiveness, leading to a strong shared vision for the future so that tens of thousands of beneficiaries can continue to improve their lives and those of their clients and families – and more beneficiaries will join them.


Nick WinksNick Winks is the management consultant requested by the ARF chairman to look at the charity – and he generously agreed on a pro bono basis, with full independence.  A director of the Institute for Turnaround and highly experienced in leading business-change projects, Winks has sat on turnaround panels at £multimillion corporations such as KPMG, HSBC Bank, PWC and Lloyds Banking Group, as well as accounting firms and commercial businesses ranging from publishing to electrical. He had also been called in by Bank of Scotland to halve Mimosa Healthcare's £30million debt in mere months.

Winks is senior partner at Waypoint Change. “We begin with a clear authority and mandate to implement change, accepted by key stakeholders including management and a clear understanding of what defines success,” the company states upfront. “Next follows a period of assessment and the underlying financial position of the business. We look at the key value drivers and strength of management in each discrete business unit and assess vulnerabilities and opportunities.

“What results is a change blueprint – an outline turnaround plan that defines key short- and medium-term actions and objectives – that is endorsed by the key stakeholders.”

In June-July this year, Winks interviewed six trustees, the CEO Deirdre Boyd and patron/cofounder Lord Mancroft. This assessment resulted in those trustees who wished to become chairman of the charity submitting their vision/strategy, with the most popular to be voted in.

Fotolia_51651320_oksix“I am delighted with this added benefit from Winks’ process,” Boyd said.  “It brings to the charity a renewed vision – a clear shared vision which I had long wished to achieve, with the bonus of building on this to nurture and grow the charity.  We will be able to help even more beneficiaries, and in more ways.”

A strategy is being formulated right down to small logistical planning details so that implementation follows through on the vision. Details will be given in the January issue of Addiction Today: “a new start and our New Year’s resolution,” Boyd described it. Readers will also be updated in the interim.

“The new ARF board and I would like to thank Winks, a calm, articulate, consummate management professional who acts with integrity and good humour.”

Winks commented that “the trustees and the CEO of ARF are all dedicated to the charity but sometimes enthusiasm and dedication are not enough to produce an effective organisation. I was delighted to have been of some help in the election of a new chair with a fresh and transparent sense of purpose. I wish the CEO and ARF trustees well as they set a renewed course for their charity”.


Fotolia_50941708_XSARF’s CEO and new board also want to give public acknowledgment to the trustees who supported it and brought it to this new stage of development. “Without them, ARF would  not be at this exciting stage as it prepares to celebrate its 25th birthday,” its CEO said. “We will continue to post them Addiction Today journal and extend free delegate passes to attend next year’s UK/European Symposium on Addictive Disorders in London.”

New ARF chair Gavin Cooper was equally articulate in thanking the past board. “Having been a ‘junior’ member of ARF for a little under two years I’d like to thank the outgoing board for its support and faith in passing me the reins. I hope that the knowledge gained during my short tenure, coupled with 30 years of commercial experience, will enable me to be a useful and integral part of the team that builds ARF to the position it deserves and commands in the industry.”

Cooper is supported by trustees John McCann, Dave Mulvaney and John Southworth; others will be appointed in the coming months. We hope that readers will appreciate and enjoy the increased benefits that the charity will be able to offer.


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