Let’s Talk about Sex!

6th October 2015 addictiontoday 0

Diagnosing Sex Addiction The first challenge for any addiction professional is how to know when sexual behaviours and pornography use is an addition; when it’s a high sex drive and when it’s simply a ‘habit’ […]

Black Men on the Couch

5th October 2015 addictiontoday 0

Admitting to needing help sometimes makes people feel vulnerable in front of others, however talking about issues in therapy is the first step towards managing them. But despite attempts within the profession to change the […]

Talking About Suicide

5th October 2015 addictiontoday 0

Talking About Suicide Laura Graham examines the recognised causes of suicide and outlines strategies for helping people deal with suicidal ideation The sad death of Robin Williams recently sparked a wide debate about suicide. Generally, […]

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