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Let’ Talk About Sex!

What are the specific challenges facing therapists working in the field of sex addiction? How does a therapist help their clients arrive at a ‘healthy sobriety’ when total abstinence, for the vast majority in treatment, is not the ultimate goal?

More and more people are presenting to addiction services for problems with compulsive sexual behaviours and problematic pornography use. And whilst many of the issues are common to other addictions, sex addiction presents unique challenges. Some say ‘addiction is addiction is addiction’ and it matters little what you’re addicted to in terms of developing treatment protocols. But few addiction professionals are trained in sexuality and if a therapist isn’t confident talking about sex, it can reinforce shame and become a block to recovery. Conversely, over confidence can result in being too explicit and underestimating erotic transference which may trigger a client to act out. In this article we will explore some of the most common dilemmas when working with sex addiction and consider some options for managing them.



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